-----What kind of warranty do we provide?----

We stand 100% percent behind everything we do. We personally provide a one year warranty on our craftsmanship. Manufactory warranties will be specific to the product and company.  The bottom line is we are committed to you our customer and if you have any problems at all just simply contact us and we will be happy to address the issue.

----What is the process like when it comes to a remodeling project?----

The simplest way explain it is we try to make it as easy and transparent a process as possible.

  1. First thing is contact us.
  2. We will schedule a visit to your home to look what you are wanting to do.
  3. We will then be able to provide a price structure based on the general design and wants for the project.
  4. Once you decide to allow us to produce the project we will then work on refining the design and features of the project to create exactly what you are wanting done.
  5. Once the design and selections have been made we can provide final prices and work schedule outline for the time frame of the project.
  6. Once we begin construction you will be informed on progress, issues, or anything that was unknown prior to construction.
  7. Once the project is complete we walk you through everything to make sure you are satisfied and well equipped on the operations of your project.

----What separates your business from others?----

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. We operate with the "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." We don't cut corners and we pride ourselves in our quality customer relationships that produce high repeat business.

----How do you maintain a clean project?----

We do many thing that one might say are just common sense. However, many companies do not do these things. We put paper, floor runners, and floor protectors down where we walk into your home. We use plastic to block off doorways that connect to the room we are working in. We cover any items that can't be moved to protect them from dust. We also clean the dust and debris up everyday before we call it pack-up at the end of the day.

----How much does a bathroom remodel cost?----

Bathroom remodel projects can vary greatly in price due to how large the space and how complex or custom the design. The materials selected can also be a contributing factor as well. The design and materials tend to eat up most of the cost with a bathroom, but labor can become expensive when the design calls for a more labor intensive element. We try to gather the ideas you have and then strategize the design to cost ratio to determine if the design is worth the cost. Sometimes we can make a few design tweaks which reduce cost and still creates and great finished product.